16-Year-Old Girl Defends Herself with .22 Pistol

09/07/2018 Spanaway, Washington. Pierce County Sheriff’s Department report being called at 5:51 a.m. to the 17200 block of 11th Ave. Ct. East when a woman called to report a domestic violence incident with her ex-boyfriend. The woman told police that after an argument, her 34-year-old ex-boyfriend had pulled a knife to threaten her with before…

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Ninth Circuit Court Rules Against Seattle Police Second Amendment Lawsuit

Seattle Police Ninth Circuit

What do you think of the ever-present danger that trained gun carriers such as our police have to handle? What about their ability and necessity to be situationally aware at all times when on the clock? Is that enough to be held to another standard when it comes to use of force? That’s what the Seattle Police argued to the Ninth Circuit Court in the Mahoney vs. City of Seattle case that has just wrapped up.

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Could an Armed Teacher Have Stopped Last Week’s High School Shooting?

Freeman High School Shooting

By now, Washingtonians are all too aware of the tragic mass shooting that occurred at Spokane’s Freeman High School last week. The barbaric attack on the school cost one student their life and injured three others before the shooter was placed into police custody. But could this bloodshed have been further avoided if there was a trained and prepared armed teacher or faculty member ready to handle the situation?

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