Finley Couple Holds Their Own Against Group of Thieves

Finley Washington DGU Shooting

A Finley couple certainly didn’t expect a bonding activity of theirs to be defending their property from a group of thieves, but that’s the thing about crime. It can pop up anywhere and you need to be ready for it.

On the night of Thursday, October 26 three criminals, Kelsey R. Sharp, 25, Anthony D. Davis Jr., 27, and Alan. G. Gomez, 26 were driving a stolen pickup truck from Kennewick down South 2058 Private Road SE with one thing on their mind. Continuing their thieving ways.

As the group happened upon a property on the road, the three thought they were spying an easy target to victimize, so they took their time and backed the truck up onto the property.

What they didn’t know, however, was that the entire time they thought that they were being so slick, the criminals were actually being watched on a security system that the owners of the property were propped in front of. Said homeowners are a man and woman married couple whose names have not been released to the media at the time of the writing of this article.

What is known are the actions that the couple took to defend themselves and their property from the group of three deviants.

Upon seeing the crooks rummaging through the couple’s heating and cooling units, the couple grabbed a baton and a handgun before going out to confront them.

At the moment that the couple was noticed by the criminals, Alan Gomez ran from the items and into the pickup truck, seemingly to get away, but according to the couple’s police report, Gomez instead attempted to run down the husband while his wife tried to defend him by firing at the truck 2-3 times. These shots caused Gomez to drive off, abandoning his “friends” Kelsey Sharp and Anthony Davis Jr.

The two were then held at gunpoint by the couple until police arrived to pick them up at the residence.

After they were arrested, Anthony Davis Jr. was sent to the Benton County jail on charges of second-degree theft as well as several prior warrants. Kelsey Sharp was booked, but has been since released from jail. And as for Alan Gomez, he is still at-large.

The police have asked that anyone with information about this case is asked to call 509-628-0333.

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