Negligent Discharge in Tacoma Chuck E. Cheese’s Causes Parents to Panic

Chuck E. Cheese

Sunday September 16th Tacoma Washington, a 22-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the leg at a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant.

The negligent discharge happened around 5:00 in the evening, causing the parents of young children at the establishment to panic when they heard the shot.

According to Nick Jones, who was attending a birthday party for his niece with his 4-year-old son said:

“A bunch of people started running down towards the end and then they said somebody has a gun, so everybody starts running.”

The unidentified man was rushed to the hospital but is expected to recover. No one else was injured.

Police say the man was carrying the firearm legally, but parents expressed anger that he carried a gun into a restaurant which is expressly for children.

Larry Jones, the father of Nick Jones, said he tried to help the injured man.

“Then we figured out that was a gunshot, and then people starting panicking.”

The other issue on the table is that Chuck E. Cheese’s post signs prohibiting the presence of firearms on their property.

There are a multitude of problems with this incident which puts responsible gun owners in a bad light.

First is a conversation of proper CCW holsters. Choosing a holster is an critical part of firearm safety. Using a holster which is old or poorly designed could cause a negligent discharge.

The right holster is essential to carrying your pistol in a controlled, responsible manner and should not be taken lightly. Read here for a list of the 21 Top CCW Holsters.

Secondly, the incident happened in a location far from optimal. Any environment with children present is far more likely to receive extra attention from both citizens, media outlets, and the police.

This is especially true when that location also prohibits firearms on their premises.

Read here for a list of businesses which are not gun friendly.

Check out the Gun Free Zone Guide on how to understand and deal with locations like Chuck E. Cheese’s

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