Spanaway Convenience Store Owner to Face Prison Sentence for Shooting Shoplifter

Convenience Store Shooting

Back in March 2016, Min Kim, the owner of a Spanaway convenience store was part of an incident that had become all too common in his store, shoplifting. But this time, Kim wasn’t going to stand for it.

Jakeel Mason was in the process of attempting to steal some of the good’s from Kim’s store. This incident was nearly a month after a similar incident occurred in which Kim’s wife Seul Lim was working at the same store and a case of shoplifting quickly turned into a nightmare as the shoplifters of this story pulled out a gun and shot Lim in her stomach.

Thankfully, in that case, the men were arrested and Lim was released from the hospital after only a few hours in the E.R., but the fear that that incident caused throughout the family was felt on the day Jakeel Mason went into the store and attempted to steal.

Min Kim had originally told KOMO News in Seattle that the incident with Jakeel Mason was going a similar way. He came into the store and began to shoplift. At that point, Kim pulled a gun on Jakeel, to attempt to scare him away. However, according to Kim a struggle over the gun then ensued and after a few moments Kim, fearing for his life shot Jakeel Mason. As the cops arrived, Mason was already dead.

However, this story wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Kim later went to trial for this shooting because of irregularities between his story and the events that were shown on the store’s security cameras. The cameras did not show a struggle or even an armed Mason shoplifting. What they showed was an unarmed Jakeel Mason running out of the store, followed by a gunshot striking him in his back before Mason fell to the ground.

After seeing this, the courtroom rendered a verdict that will cost Min Kim 8 years of his life behind bars. Kim, in a statement in court, was deeply apologetic for what he had done stating…

“I did not have the right to take Mr. Mason’s life or anyone else’s life, I feel terrible that I did so and will have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

This is a tale that certainly goes to show that how you handle a situation, specifically knowing when to shoot and when a gun is even necessary, is so important. It could lead to a long prison sentence for the shooter, even if the person that they shot was doing something wrong themselves.

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