Walmart Shooter Stopped by Pastor with a Gun

Walmart Shooting Washington

Tumwater WA police have recently released surveillance footage of a Walmart shooting spree that was ended by a man with a CCW permit.

The shooting began on June 17th of this year, when 44-year-old Tim Day, a convicted felon, stole his girlfriend’s revolver and went on a rampage.

Police investigators say Day tried to carjack a family’s vehicle at a gas station in Olympia then crashed his car into another car, forcing him to find another mode of transportation.

He tired and failed to carjack yet another vehicle before he ran down the road and fired into the windshield of 16-year-old Danner Barton and striking the teen in his thumb.

Day drove Barton’s Subaru to a nearby Walmart to get more ammunition, running through the store and pushing customers out of his way in a mad dash to the locked ammo case.

Surveillance footage shows him aim and fire one round at the lock, and pulled the case open, shattering the glass. He then takes the box of bullets to the counter where he reloads his pistol.

Having gotten what he needed, he ran back into the Walmart parking lot, pointing his pistol at customers as he went by.

But instead of getting back into the car he had already stolen from Barton, Day tried to carjack yet another vehicle.

This one belonged to Ricky Fievez, who Day shot twice when he resisted the carjacking.

47-year-old David George, an Oakville Firefighter and Pastor, drew the pistol he is licensed to carry and followed Day out of the store. George opened fire, killing Day and ending the spree of violence.

Fievez was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and survived the shooting, but according to his son:

“ … currently paralyzed from the neck down due to shrapnel in his spine.”

Fievez remains confined to a wheel chair, but his family remains hopeful he will walk again.

Barton’s wounds were minor, and he remained grateful someone was there to put a stop to the shootings:

“It’s cool to see that there were people there willing to sacrifice their lives to go help and stop this guy.”

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