Woman Stabbed In Front of Her Young Son, Dies

Marysville Concealed Carry Incident

A woman is dead after being attacked by the boyfriend she had a protection order against, at the Seattle Center, Friday.

According to Seattle Police, Gabrielle Maria Garcia was stabbed several times by David Lee Morris in front of their young son.

The stabbing occurred in The Armory, at the MOD Pizza. Afterwards Morris calmly started to walk out of the building.

That’s when concealed carry permit holder Scott Brown drew his gun and stepped in front of Morris, whose hands where covered in his girlfriends’ blood and still held the knife. According to Brown:

“I got next to him and I pulled out my gun and stepped in front of him, as soon as he saw that I had a firearm he started trying to convince me to shoot him. He just kept trying to convince me to shoot him, and I didn’t want to shoot him.”

Watch a video of the incident here:

Morris advanced on Brown, knife out and begging to be shot. That’s when another person pulled out a can of Mace and sprayed it in Morris’s eyes. Police arrived a short time later and arrested him.

Brown said:

“ … he kept moving towards me. He said, ‘shoot me, shoot me. I killed the only girl I ever loved…I don’t have anything left.’ Someone maced him. A minute or two later the police arrived.”

One of the people who recorded the incident on their cell phones, Frankie Dean, said Morris kept saying his girlfriend had taken away his child and was begging to be shot dead.

“It was kind of a crazy situation,” said Dean. “He was covered in blood, hands were covered in blood and still had the knife in his hands.”

Morris reportedly told police he had accompanied Garcia and their son to The Armory and they had begun to argue about their on-again-off-again relationship.

When Garcia got up to go to the restroom, Morris stabbed her.

According to Dean, “I think the worst part about it is the kid. He lost probably both of his parents,”

Brown said he carries a gun for this type of situation, to protect himself and others around him.

“Me personally, I never wanted to pull my gun out ever, not on an animal, not on a person. I carry it for protection.” Brown said.

Brown works at the nearby Skillet and had come into work on his day off when the stabbing occurred.

His Skillet General Manager Mike Carter called Brown, “Just an everyday hero.”

What do you think of this situation? Have you thought about carrying Mace or some other type of Non-lethal option? Leave us a comment below to let us know.


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