Spanaway Man Shoots Home Invader in Children’s Bedroom

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Most parents would do anything to defend the lives of their children but few are ever called upon to do so. That still doesn’t mean you should not train or be prepared because if a Spanaway father was not he could have experienced the worst tragedy we can face, the death of a child.

During the early morning hours of last Monday, February 19 at around 2:30 AM, a Spanaway homeowner whose name has not been released by request of the man himself was sleeping alongside his wife in their home when they were awakened by the sounds of footsteps outside.

Upon waking the man saw that his motion detector lights were on so he immediately did what any good father would and went to go check on his children but not before he properly armed himself with his personal firearm.

As the man walked into the bedroom of his two sons he saw the man who was creeping outside of his home standing on the window sill in the bedroom. This man was a 24-year-old with a history of property crime according to police reports but following this, it doesn’t appear he will be in shape to do another of these break-ins in the near future.

As soon as the homeowner saw the man in the window staring back at him, he fired 4 shots, hitting the intruder twice. These shots did not prove to be lethal, however, but they did send the intruder to the hospital after emergency crews quickly arrived. The perpetrator is said to be heading to jail following his hospital stay according to police. Police also stated that the homeowner will be facing no charges for the defense of his family.

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