Tacoma Man Faces Assault Charges for Shooting Son-In-Law

Finley Washington DGU Shooting

A 56-year-old man from Tacoma Washington plead not guilty to charges of first-degree assault in the shooting of his son-in-law.

According to police records of statements, the father was awakened early in the morning of February 15 by his daughter and her husband arguing on the balcony of the apartment they all shared.

The father reported hearing his daughter beg for her husband to let her go then witnessed him throw the cellphone she had in her possession over the railing.

The cellphone was the fathers, who had let his daughter borrow his phone since the husband had destroyed hers.

When the son-in-law left the apartment to go collect the phone where he had thrown it, the father locked the door to keep him out.

While his son-in-law banged on the door to be let back in, the father warned him that he had a gun and would shoot him if her came back into the home. His daughters husband replied he just wanted some of his things before he left.

Then he began to kick in the door. When he finally gained entrance, the father told police he thought he was going after his daughter.

“I just know that he was heading for her, (and) I shot him. I just thought he was going to hurt my daughter,” he said, also saying his daughters’ husband had been volatile for some time, having thrown some belongings into a lake in a fit of anger the night before the shooting.

According to the son-in-law, who denied any allegations of assault, he’d just wanted to collect his wallet, Xbox and computer before he left.

When he kicked down the door, he said he only pushed his wife out of the way when his father-in-law shot him, and did not hear the warning.

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