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Could an Armed Teacher Have Stopped Last Week’s High School Shooting?

By now, Washingtonians are all too aware of the tragic mass shooting that occurred at Spokane’s Freeman High School recently. The barbaric attack on the school cost one student their life and injured three others before the shooter was placed into police custody. But could this bloodshed have been further avoided if there was a trained and prepared armed teacher or faculty member ready to handle the situation?

It’s no secret that we at Concealed Carry Inc. have stated our feelings on the matter of having armed officials at schools and college campuses before. It’s also no secret that there is data readily available to back up the fact that armed citizens often have a quicker response time and have quelled shootings and other mass violence incidents in the past.

But what about what happened in Spokane? Well, you did hear about the school resource officer as well as a janitor take down the shooter once his AR-15 had jammed. And while we take nothing away from the heroism it took those two employees to risk their safety and charge the gunman, imagine if there was another tool that these along with other employees had in their arsenal to defend themselves and the student body of Freeman High?

As we know Campus Carry and other such programs that are offering to arm school employees are popping up all across the nation, often met by many voices saying that they don’t want to see firearms around their children. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that around the country for many years, school children have been placed around guns. Unfortunately, they have been in the hands of murderous monsters who wish to harm them.

What if we had the ability to change the narrative? What if children saw teachers and faculty they admire carrying firearms for their safety? Maybe the idea of guns in our next generation will no longer be these instruments of death, but rather a shield to protect them from those that mean them harm?

It might be a pipe dream to think that we will see this, but I would rather live in and try to promote that dream than keep hearing the reality of bloody children being pulled out of a school that has turned into a battlefield.

What do you think of this story? Let us know your thoughts on carrying in school as well as the tragedy in Spokane in the comments below.

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