Marysville Concealed Carrier Receives Praise from Local Police

Marysville Concealed Carry Incident

Joe Hemrich, a Marysville homeowner has been receiving plaudits from the Marysville police department for his recent handling of a potentially deadly situation in the early morning hours of September 18th.

Just after the stroke of Midnight, Joe Hemrich had a face-to-face encounter with a 23-year-old criminal, with 4 warrants currently out for his arrest after the 23-year-old was discovered by Joe on his property.

According to Joe, when he saw the stranger on his land he noticed he was carrying a baton just a few feet from his child’s bedroom and that there was also a large knife sticking out of a backpack that he was wearing and knew that something had to be done.

What the criminal didn’t know and what actually may have ended up saving his life was that Joe has been a concealed carry permit holder and defensive shooting trainee for 12 years. So to Joe, it was obvious what he needed to do to quell this situation, even though he did express some fears of an altercation and what could happen if he decided to pull his firearm.

“You have to know how to use it. If not, you’re just a liability,” Joe said, talking about his gun.

But the flight or fight message in his brain was screaming at Joe what to do and he decided to follow through. Captured on video we see Joe holding tough while simultaneously showing incredible restraint in his confrontation with the invader:

The confrontation itself lasted only 5 minutes as Joe held the man until the police arrived. The police later commended Joe for his actions saying that he did everything right in the situation including complying fully with officers after they arrived. Joe later said of the incident that …

“This the first time in my life it has ever come out of a holster, when I wasn’t at a range, I train so I know exactly where it is, exactly how to pull it out, whether my finger is going on the trigger.”

He also later added that his training is the reason  “why no one got shot last night”.

So we see here a textbook case of how to handle a dangerous situation with unflinching focus and a steady, cool mind. Do you think that you could or would handle a similar situation in a similar way? Let us know in the comments below.

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