17-Year-Old Girl Assists Spokane Police When She Pulls Gun On Home Invader

Spokane Girl Shoots Home Invader

A man on the run from Spokane County police was in the middle of his attempted escape on the early morning of July 17th when he happened upon a house in the north of Spokane County, near the Wandermere area.

The man was fresh out of a stolen car which police had been chasing him in before the suspect began to take off on foot through the area. At this point, Spokane County Police began setting up a perimeter in the area around the car.

Meanwhile, at the Wandermere house, the boyfriend and parents of 17-year-old Kimber Woods had just left for work after seeing news of the man on the run from police. Upon their leaving, Kimber was now worried about the information she was hearing regarding the man, so she called her father and asked if she could grab one of his guns to protect herself. Her father said yes, so Kimber grabbed it, placed the gun under her pillow and went back to sleep.

And within a few minutes, Kimber’s call to grab a gun was shown to be one of the most important choices of her life. Kimber had hardly gotten back to sleep when she was awakened by the noise of someone breaking into the house. Kimber grabbed her father’s gun and hid behind a makeup vanity while she heard the footsteps throughout the house.

Very soon after that, the moment of truth finally hit as Kimber was suddenly face-to-face with the police’s suspect. Thankfully Kimber kept a cool head and lifted the gun towards the home invader. She then yelled at the suspect “Who are you?” and “Get the (expletive) out of my house!”

At that point, according to Kimber’s story, the man went wide eyed and ran out of the house. Kimber followed with her gun and fired one shot into the ground. At that point, the suspect stole her boyfriend’s ATV and made good his escape.

At this point, there are no indications released to the media as to whether or not the suspect had been caught. However, according to police, they at least knew the man that they were looking for.

What is clear, is that it is highly unlikely this man will come messing around Kimber’s place again, after his cowardly running off from her. Thankfully, Kimber thought quickly and the police were on her side, reportedly even coming to her home to congratulate her on a great job defending her home.

Thankfully, Washington, while not having a specific Castle Doctrine Law set, has no law in place stating that anyone has a duty to retreat from a threat. It was Kimber’s not retreating that may have saved her from a disastrous end. But once again, thanks to a gun, a life was saved.

What do you think of this story? Are you also proud of Kimber’s actions? What mistakes (if any) do you think she made? Let us know in the comments below.

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