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Concealed Carry Permit Holder Saves 7-11 Clerk in Seattle Suburb

Seattle Concealed Carry Story

Image Courtesy of KIRO Seattle

Early in the morning hours on Sunday March 14th 2016, a regular customer of the 7-Eleven in Burien, Washington was having his morning coffee. A masked man entered the store carrying a hatchet and without a word attacked the clerk, Kuldeep Sing, cutting his stomach.  The customer, who was not identified by the media, was a concealed carry permit holder. According sheriff’s deputies on the scene, the customer drew his weapon and shot and killed the attacker, ending his attack and preventing further harm to the clerk and other customers. According to KIRO ‘When asked if the masked man made any demands of the clerk, King County PIO Cindi West said, “What everybody says is that he didn’t say anything. He just walked in the store, had the hatchet, and started attacking people.”

The police responded to the incident at 7-Eleven which is in the area fo S 112th St & 8th Ave S in the Boulevard Park area of Burien, Washington about 5:45 am.  The suspect, who was in his 40’s was not initially identified but was pronounced dead at the scene. The clerk, Kuldeep Singh, showed the cuts on his stomach to investigators and reporters, and told them he was ‘ok,’  The injuries appeared to be relatively minor cuts to his skin that didn’t not require stitches or have long-lasting medical consequences. He and another clerk both noted that he was “very lucky” and “happy, happy” to be alive.

The customer, who was too shaken to speak to the media, was considered “a good guy” and a regular customer according to Singh and another clerk who was there on the scene. He was photographed and filmed talking to the police investigators after the incident.

Mira Guerrero, a reported for KIRO7 posted this picture to her twitter feed, depicting the clerk involved and his injuries

Mira Guerrero, a reported for KIRO7 posted this picture to her twitter feed, depicting the clerk involved and his injuries

Responding officers hailed the 60-year-old man as a hero. “This could have been disastrous,” King County Sheriff Sgt. Cindi West told KIRO 7 “Had this guy not shot, who knows what would have happened. We might have a dead clerk right now, and instead we have a dead bad guy.” While the case is still being investigated, officer West was quoted as saying: “We do not see any wrongdoing on the part of the customer. In fact, he probably saved lives in this case,”.

Kiro 7 has more recently reported that the King County Medical examiner identified the man killed as 43-year-old Steven Blacktongue.

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