Multi-State CCW Class in Tacoma July 15th 2017


Sunday afternoon starting at 1pm, July 15th, 2016 Billy Reed will be teaching a Multi-State / Utah concealed carry course, open to the public. The class will be held at i5Guns in Lacey, directly south of Tacoma. The class usually runs 4 hours. Learn more about the class below.

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CCW Class Information and Registration:

The class generally lasts  4 hours depending on the amount of student discussion and questions. This is a classroom ONLY course without any live firing of a gun. In order to register you need to click on the “Add to Cart” button above. You can also register over the phone. Prepayment is required to guarantee your seat in the CCW class. The only thing you will be required to bring is a driver license. The class will be held at i5Guns in Lacey, directly south of Tacoma. The exact address of the class is emailed and displayed on screen to students who pre-register.

Why Would You Want A Utah Permit?

Because the state of Washington doesn’t require one obtain any training to get the local state permit, most states choose not to honor it. This makes it difficult to travel with a concealed handgun. For that reason many people decide either in addition to their Washington permit or in lieu of, to obtain a Utah concealed carry permit. The Utah permit is widely honored and is available to Washington residents.

Additional Information – What Else Do You Need  to Know?

All of our instructors are certified by both the NRA and The State of Utah. We teach a state approved curriculum. If this date doesn’t work for you, or if you have a large group who would like to take the class try requesting a private class in your own home on the date of your choice. Follow this link to fill out the request form.

To mail in your application you will need a recent fingerprint card. You can provide your own or for an additional $10 at the class we can fingerprint you.

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