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Billy Reed

Billy Reed Instructor TacomaRetired Marine Master Sergeant. M1A1 Master Gunner, 2111 Armorer, Team shooter 4 position high power and Range Coach. After retirement. Glock Armorer, NRA Rifle and Pistol Instructor. Utah CFP Instructor. My day job Is Weapons Instructor at JBLM Ft. Lewis. 9mm, M4 / M16A4 up to M2 and MK19.

Then run the shooters thru the EST 2000 for Zero & Qualification or SRM/CRM Drills. EST 2000 is an updated version of FATS. Aprox 100 rifle and or pistol shooters a week. I have taught Metallic Reloading. I will prefer to show basic reloading with a single stage press. For basic Rattle Battle shooting and plinking this is perfect. Advanced reloading… I could spend day’s just discussing case prep, match weights and primer harmonics.

I have 3 projects in the works. An FFL, complete the NRA Metallic Reloading Instructor course and get better with my Lathe & Mill/drill. I prefer to build my own AR’s. Some from 80% lowers. I do have an 80% Glock frame coming. Super excited.

My Beautiful Wife Tonia is also right there with me on the training. She is the Finger Print Tech and Notary. She has been the firearm business since 2008. Tonia is a Glock Armorer and has worked on and assembled many different types of firearms.